Alpine-X Sectional with bed and storage | Nordholtz


The Alpine-X functional sectional sofa delivers the luxurious seating experience for the whole family.  Enjoy the comfortable and relaxing experience of the Alpine leather sectional sofa with your friends and family. Have a friend sleeping over or a family member visiting? Alpine-X provides the perfect solution with its relaxing sofa bed with fast and effortless transformation. Your guests will get the comfort of sleeping in their own bed. Apart from the iconic design and unprecedented comfort, Alpine-X comes with additional comfort features such as adjustable headrest, large storage space integrated inside the chaise, comfortable sofa bed, armrest pillows that are adjustable as well as adjustable headrests.

Alpine-X- Grey Fabric Sectional | NordholtzAlpine-X Grey Fabric Sectional with bed | NordholtzAlpine-X Grey Fabric Sectional | NordholtzAlpine-X-sectional-custom-fabric Alpine-X sectional with sleeper front view | Nordholtz Alpine-X Sectional side view | Nordholtz Alpine-X functional sectional | Nordholtz Alpine-X sectional with open storage | Nordholtz

Alpine-X-7190 and 7090 configurations